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I'm gay... so I'm not sure what my reaction would be. Call my mom and tell her that she finally has four heterosexual children like she always wanted?

I mean, my first response was "Shrug it off and visit a museum", but, let's be honest, that's my response to lots of things.
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Growing up, I read mostly Marvel (the only DC that I was really into was The Legion of Super Heroes).

I was always partial to the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. I liked them as a couple and I thought both of them had kick ass powers. He could turn intangible, fire blasts from solar gem, had super strength and was a "synthezoid" (android). She had quasi-mystical powers, what her hex (think "big bad luck")powers.

I thought that the pairing of someone so immersed in technology (Vision) and someone so immersed in magic (Scarlet Witch) being together was a neat idea.

From the Legion? Sensor Girl, probably. She was originally Princess Projectra (I *LOVE* the superhero names from old school Legion*). She could create illusions.

Well, later, she got a power boost and became Sensor Girl, whose senses were enhanced. She rocked.

*Matter-eater lad, Bouncing Boy... Triplicate Girl, who, when one of her bodies died, became Duo Damsel. Then ANOTHER of her bodies died... and we were all wondering what new name she would take... "Mono Maid"... "The Single Girl"... but alas no. She just retired.
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Oh, I used to write the long letters (well, type them up, my penmanship is atrocious) a few times a year and send it out to friends and family.

Now, I might send out a quick letter with my Christmas cards, but that's about it.
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States? You people are amateurs. If we're talking about geography... CITIES are where it's at.

Who could resist being named Ouagadougou (Capital of Burkina Faso) or... well... ANY Icelandic city? Reyjkavik is probably the easiest to spell.
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I avoided the parade and the bars.

I ended up having corned beef (yum) and cabbage (less so) with carrots and potatoes (yum). Mixing the cabbage with the carrots and potatoes worked, though.

After that, well, my spring jacket was looking worn and I really needed a new one, so I went clothes shopping.

Now, understand, I'm gay. I'm as gay as a tree full of canaries. I'm as gay as a male audience member at a Cher concert.

But clothes shopping? Not for me. I hate it.

Anyway, I get to the Big & Tall store, and I went a little crazy. I bought six shirts, a jacket, underwear and socks. I spent over $300. Oddly, I didn't get pants. I'll do that through the catalog later this week.

Then I had sushi for dinner.

La Fheile Phadraig shona doibh! (If I remember my Irish Gaelic correctly.)
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This is not measured in digits... it's measured in SLICES.

One does not memorize slices, one eats them.
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Today, it was sunny and windy with snow flurries. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

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When I'm at my desk at work, it's always open.

I've trained most of my colleagues to communicate with me almost exclusively through e-mail, especially where lab and equipment reservations are concerned.

So, I figure it should be there when I'm at my desk.

At home? On weekends and vacations I check my work e-mail once or twice a day. PErsonal e-mail? I have that on my phone, so I check it all the time.
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It should be sweet, chewy and preferably pitted.
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Undergrad? I was a French/Spanish double major with a Political Science minor. (Had I stayed in college one more term, I could have had a triple major, but adding PoliSci to what I had didn't seem to help much.)

Then in grad school, I started off in the French Department, specializing in Romance Language Linguistics and minority and regional languages. Looking around at the job market for Ph Ds in French (not good) and after being jerked around by that department in a million different ways, I transferred to the Division of English as an International Language, and got my Master's Degree.

My MA?I use that information all the time. The stuff from undergraduate? Less so.
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I'm... not sure. I'm not a big hugger.

Oh, wait, a friend's birthday was Sunday... I hugged her at the party.
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I'm not sure, but DEFINITELY before third grade.

See, my mom, being a practical woman and living in a house with four children and precious little free space, would put our gifts in green garbage bags, staple them shut and, then, inform us that if we opened our bags (which were clearly labelled)m all the gifts would be returned.

Since mom never (ever) bluffed, we never tried to open them.
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I love the word "Oxymoron" (clearly...) . It sounds like an insult but it isn't.

Think about it. Couldn't you imagine someone saying, "Oh, he's not JUST a moron, he's an OXYmoron."

I'm not quite sure how that definition would work..."An oxymoron is someone so stupid that he or she drives all breatheable air from the room."

But my favorite word is "flummox". It's just so much fun to say! And lots of people fdon;t know what it mean, so my usage of "flummox" flummoxes them!
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I think NYC GEEK! or something like that. I don't know that it would be that interesting. Just me at work and play. So, Academia, museums and sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm.

Yes, it should all be in caps, and, maybe even be a musical. Who doesn't want to run around NYC singing? It'll be like Rent*, only with fewer pretentious artists and more pretentious academics.

Because it can't be gay enough. It needs to be as gay as a spring frock at an Easter parade. It needs to be as gay as that guy in a harness at the leather bar.

*I love the music from Rent but I think the story itself is a bit of an ungainly mess.
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I ... so much of who I am is tied up in my memory. Losing my memory would mean losing me.

But never having new adventures to remember? I don't want to live in a world where nothing interesting or fun or infuriating ever happens to me. Or, even worse, that those things happen but I wouldn't be able to recall them.

*shudder* NEither are good options.
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My favorite foreign film is Les enfants du Paradis. It's kind of surprising when you just look at the basic facts:

1) It's three hours long
2) In French
3) in Black and White
4) And the main character is a love struck mime.

Yet it is an amazing movie.

I just can't imagine a American version. It wouldn't work.
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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
The first movie was a repurposed pilot for a new tv episode, if I recall correctly. It certainly FELT that way. Wrath of Khan was tense, action packed and well-paced.

X-Men II
The first movie was good, but I preferred the second. It had one good solid well-told story and, in many respects was a love letter to long time fans of the comic.

Highlander II: The Quickening
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just seeing if you're paying attention.
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I don't know. I can't help but think of the practicalities. Let's take the "always getting a seat on the bus" power.

1) I'll bet the costume for that sucks. Seriously. Would I be MTA Man? The Bus Boy? Ick.

2) How does the person in the seat get evicted? Are they teleported away? Are they ejected from the bus with a loud "SPROING" sound?

3) Say I don't want or need a seat. Say I'm only going five or six stops. Does the SPROINGing happen anyway?

4) What if I have guests> Do they get seats, too?

5) Do I get to control who gets SPROINGed? Or is it random? Will some elderly person be suddenly, forcibly ejected from the bus, perhaps doing them serious bodily harm so I can have a seat? I don't want my superpower to turn me into a douchebag. I can do douchebaggy things on my own, thank you very much.

Besides, I already have a superpower: I am Low Pressure Lad. When I travel, I bring crappy weather with me. This power lends itself to easy costuming. A low front pattern on a blue background. See?
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The Bible, of course. I've read it from cover to cover, including the trippy books, like Revelations and Malachi*.

*I remember Malachi as difficult to read and understand. I could be misremembering, as I did this when I was about 13. However, Revelations is DEFINITELY trippy.

But, if we don't include that...

Robert Challes' Les Illustres Francaises

This book is about 700 pages long and is a series of connected stories about the struggles between the old time nobility of France, the new nobility of France -- those who earned their titles through military service or who bought them.

It's actually quite an interesting book.

I was reading this book during the time I was teaching Freshman Composition. My students were complaining that they had to read FIFTY WHOLE PAGES and take notes on them in a week. I pulled out this book and said:

See this book? It's 700 pages long. I have a week to read it, write a reaction paper about it, and then lead a class discussion about it.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm doing all of this in French?

Precisely how much sympathy do you think I have for you right now?

Short works? I don't know. Saint-Ex's The Little Prince? Shel Silverstein's Where the SIdewalk Ends?


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