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In Gilbert, Arizona, a gay couple with four children are are being attacked and harassed, so they called the police.

If you think the police would be helpful, you'd be sadly mistaken.

So we've got bigotry against gay folks, hispanic folks AND disabled kids! With bonus victim blaming!

After all, they chose to move there and "inflict" their gayness and Hispanic-ness and disable-ness on the town. They deserve what they get.


May. 11th, 2012 09:13 pm
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] mountain_hiker at Colbert


May. 9th, 2012 08:01 pm
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] mountain_hiker at Obama


Apr. 11th, 2012 06:20 pm
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] mountain_hiker at Yes.

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Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too by Jan R. van Meter

This book is a compilation of famous slogans from American history: their history and context and explanations for why they caught on.

The title, Tiipecanoe and Tyler, Too, was the slogan for presidential candidate and former general William Henry Harrison. Harrison defeated Tecumseh and his allies at the Battle of Tippecanoe and John Tyler was his running mate.

Well, America has always loved its war heroes, so Harrison was elected president at age 70, the oldest president elected until Reagan. Harrison caught pneumonia, supposedly while giving a three hour long inaugural address in awful weather, so Tyler succeeded him.

That Harrison was the first president to die in office is pretty much the only thing he's known for (politically). Why has that slogan still remembered? Who knows. The author thinks it's the alliteration.

Presidential trivia: Harrison's grandson, Benjamin Harrison, was the 23rd president, serving between Grover Cleveland's terms. Tyler was the president with the most children: fifteen.

Other sayings discussed:
The City on the Hill
Fifty Four Forty or Fight
Millions for defense, not a penny for tribute
Remember the Maine

And many others.

It's fun. I knew all these phrases, though I didn't know many of their origins. It's an easy read. I recommend it.
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My brother... is a total fucking jackass.
I don't even... )
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Around 4:45 pm, a fire broke out at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, which occupied the top floors (7-10) of what is now the Brown Building on NYU's campus.

The fire spread quickly and the factory workers, mostly young women who recently emigrated to America, were trapped because the management had locked all the exits. One hundred and forty-six people died, mostly women. Many jumped to their deaths, rather than face the fire. Fire ladders could not reach to the seventh floor.

The Triangle Shirtwaist Company was one of the largest garment makers of the time. It had successfully withstood a unionization attempt a few years earlier. In fact, the company's executives were later tried for manslaughter, but were acquitted.

This fire led to union rights and regulations. I bring this up when I hear someone say that unions and regulations are unnecessary, when can just trust businesses to do the right thing.

Of course, now, many want to roll back those protections and do away with unions.

Let's be honest, if this happened in the U.S. today, conservative media would claim that the workers were illegal immigrants and probably deserved it anyway. Also... they were women, shouldn't they be at home, barefoot and pregnant?

As for the management... locking the doors was okay, because CLEARLY they hired, shiftless, lazy workers.

That's how it would be spun.
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Newt is such a patriot that he HAD to cheat. For America.

Look, normally, I don't care about a politician's personal life. People with messy personals lives often do good work.

However, Gingrich tried to remove Bill Clinton from office for *HIS* indiscretions, so, you know, fair game.

Plus, Gingrich had his first wife sign the divorce papers when she was recovering from surgery for uterine cancer.

His second wife? He left her for wife #3.

Wife #3 doesn't get to be surprised when he leaves her for someone else.

I love his justification for the affairs:

There's no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate.

See... patriotism MEANS that it's okay to have affairs. Totally justifiable.


I found that I felt compelled to seek God’s forgiveness. Not God’s understanding, but God’s forgiveness. I do believe in a forgiving God. And I think most people, deep down in their hearts hope there’s a forgiving God.

God forgave him. So it's okay that he was Fornicating for America. Note that there is no mention of his ex-wives or children and whether or not THEY forgive him.
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Let's all move on, shall we?

Was Nathan Bedford Forrest a brilliant general? Probably.

Was he also a war criminal? Yup. He led the Massacre at Fort Pillow.

... and let's not forget that he was a Grand Wizard of the KKK.

Yet, folks in Mississippi want to commemorate him on a license plate.

As I have said before: the antebellum South was not some kind of glorious constant party where all the women were willowy and the man dashing.

It was a place that relied on chattel slavery for its very survival.

And it was that Chattel Slavery that CAUSED the Civil War.

So, my question is: why do we celebrate people who, besides being TRAITORS, defended an indefensible system? And in the case of Forrest, after the war, joined a terrorist organization whose express intent was repression of those recently freed from bondage?
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I've been keeping quiet about the shootings in Arizona.

But I have to say something about this. Sarah Palin released a video where she responded to the accusations that the poisonous political atmosphere right now encouraged the shooter.

She defended herself and blah blah blah...

And she said this:

Especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.

We'll get to her use of "blood libel" and why it's wildly offensive in a moment.

First, I didn't hear anyone calling for retribution or violence. Everything I saw and read just pointed out that the extreme nastiness of the current political environment may have contributed to it. No one is calling for anyone else's head; just that people think before they speak.

As for "blood libel", the blood libel was an accusation made by Christians that Jews killed Christians to use their blood to make matzoh, for example, or for use in other religions.

This is not a valid comparison. It's not a LOGICAL comparison.



Nov. 3rd, 2010 12:22 pm
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YAY! The House will be run by people who think I'm evil just because I exist for the next two years! Yay! Bigotry, as happens frequently, carries the day.

Let's see... if Don't Ask, Don't Tell isn't repealed during the lame duck, it's not going to happen.

I'm waiting on the gloating phone call from my brother.

We could hope for a spirit of intelligence and cooperation but, let's be honest, we're in for two years of posturing and more obstruction.

Of course, the reality is that lots of obstruction was already happening, and that he Democrats squandered a lot of opportunities in the two years that they were in power.

We'll live through it.
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Okay, Newt Gingrich was never compassionate.

I still remember a mid-80's-ish Doonesbury in which Joanie Caucus refers to the name "Newt Gingrich" as sounding like a creature from Dune. Still makes me chuckle.

Gingrich thinks that food stamps are evil. He thinks that Republicans can gain traction by attacking the food stamp program. Because, remember, poor people brought their misery on themselves. They can just be rich if they wanted to, after all.

After my dad's suicide, mom was left alone to raise four children ages 8, 7, 6, and 3. She got a job, teaching in the local school district, but that really didn't pay all that well, and to get her permanent certification, she had to go back to grad school (which she had to pay for).

Money was tight.

If my siblings and I hadn't been receiving social security benefits, we would have qualified at least for free school lunches if not food stamps. And yet, my mom was doing all the "correct" things.

Oh wait, many conservatives want to do away with Social Security, too.

Of course, my mom was a public school teacher and a single mother. It's not like Conservative America has ever cared about either of those groups -- unless you're the spawn of Sarah Palin, then you're BRAVE for being a single mom.

I have to agree with Bill Maher... this election we get to choose between those who have accomplished quite a lot, even though they've let us down (the Democrats) or evil, pure and simple (the Tea Party Republicans).

Glenn Beck

Oct. 3rd, 2010 12:44 am
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Apparently from his radio show.

I would like to propose that the president is exactly right when he said, "slaves sitting around the campfire didn't know when slavery was going to end, but they knew that it would. And it took a long time to end slavery." Yes it did. But, it also took a long time to start slavery. And it started small. And it started with seemingly innocent ideas. And then a little court order here and a court order there, and a little more regulation here and a little more regulation there. And before we knew it, America had slavery. It didn't come over in a ship to begin with as an evil slave trade. The government began to regulate things because the people needed answers, they needed solutions. It started in a courtroom and then it went to the legislatures. That's how slavery began. And it took a long time to enslave an entire race of people, and to convince another race of people that they were somehow or another less than them. But it can be done. I would ask you to decide: Are we freeing slaves? Or are we creating slaves? That's a question that must be answered.

Our sponsor this half-hour -- Oh, was that dangerous? Was that a danger to our republic for asking that question?

*sigh* Where do we start?

Are we talking slavery in general or slavery in the United States? Slavery was nothing new: most societies had slaves at one point or another. Some still do.

However, if we're talking the United States, the first slaves were sent to the Jamestown colony in 1619. At first slavery in the then-colonies wasn't necessarily racial: I have seen pre-Revolutionary War papers with ads about escaped Irish slaves, for example.

That changed quickly.

Also, the main reason that slavery continued in the South while it died out in the North was King Cotton and Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin.

I find this line particularly revolting:

And it took a long time to enslave an entire race of people, and to convince another race of people that they were somehow or another less than them.

See, it wasn't the White man's fault that slavery happened: the Africans SUBMITTED TO IT.

Also, I do not see how the government is currently creating slaves. But, hey, I'm not a lunatic. Or a dry drunk. Or whatever the Hell Beck is.

I should ask my brother about this. The babble could be interesting.
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Florida appeals court strikes down gay ban on adoptions.

... and Gov. Crist said the state would stop enforcing the ban. Of course, the Department of Children and Families may decide to appeal the decision, but I hope not.

The Florida law was stupid anyway... singles and gay couples could foster kids but not adopt them. What sense does that make?

Anyway... Florida did something right. FLORIDA, people.
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This just reinforces my bad week.

First we have Senatorial Republicans defeating the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. That the policy has been abused and is a titanic waste of money? Not important. That the policy is opposed by an overwhelming majority of Americans? Unimportant.

Let's just keep those damned faggots and dykes down.

I posted on Facebook about this, and of course, my asshole ultra-conservative brother posted a "Oh, you shouldn't talk about this here" thing. He later added a comment about Congress... but I know him well enough tto know that he meant me.

For those who do not know... I am gay, but my family refuses to recognize that fact. Just about every family member has, in fact, made it clear that I could either be gay or be part of the family.

And then they wonder why I don't live near any of them.

But this isn't just about me and my family issues. Don't Ask, Don't Tell is a vile policy. It needs to be repealed.

Meantime, in Minnesota, the archdiocese is sending out a DVD to all Catholics reminding them that gay marriage is EEEEEEEEEEEE-VIL!

Two of the three gubernatorial candidates in Minnesota support gay marriage. This DVD is a "reminder" that Catholics are supposed to be opposed to gay marriage... because spending money on this DVD is so much better than helping the poor.

One wonders if Catholic Charities would withdraw from Minnesota like it has from Massachusetts and D.C.?

Also, if the Church is going to continue to dabble in politics like this, shouldn't it lose its tax-exempt status?

I'm currently disgusted with the universe.
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I decided to read an editorial about the "Ground Zero Mosque" whose link was sent to me by a conservative friend.
I just ... I can't respect this argument. )
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I have quite a few. so we'll just pick a few.

1) Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. This is allegedly in the works, though it's meeting with stiff opposition from conservatives and religious organizations like the Catholic Church.

If this doesn't happen before the November elections, I don't see it happening.

2) Repeal DoMA (Defense of Marriage Act)
Gays threaten the sanctity of marriage!

This won't happen for a good long while yet.

3) End insurance company monopolies. I do not know why the health care bill didn't do this. There are places where only one carrier covers the area. If they turn you down, you're shit out of luck.
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Veteran and gay candidate for state legislature Dan Manning finds death threat on door.

Also, his opponent, extreme conservative Brenda Landwehr has made his sexuality an issue, apparently saying things so offensive that people wouldn't say them to Mr. Manning.

Then he found a death threat on his door, including the delightful "fagit will die."

Okay... haters need to learn how to spell. Sweet Jesus.

Would this have happened is Ms. Landswehr hadn't been stirring the pot? Possibly. I agree with others who have said that her people may say something like "Clearly we didn't mean for this to go this far." If they say anything. The reality is more that they didn't care. Ms. Landswehr's handlers (and quite probably Ms Landswehr herself) don't honestly care what effects the campaign has on the community.

They'll wrap themselves in the First Amendment (which they'll probably ignore for the "Ground Zero Mosque", but that's a rant for another time) and discuss how they're martyrs because people have the nerve to be angry about what was said. They ignore the idea that words can lead to actions.

Because there is a link. Hate speech like that encourages people to violence. We know this. The space between "faggots are evil and God says that they'll burn in Hell" and "let's go kick some faggot ass" is a small one.

A very small one.

Another possibility is that Ms. Landswehr or her people WANTED something like this to happen, because they want to keep the gay community "in its place". You know, shunted aside, ignored, not allowed basic human rights. This gay man running for office is a threat to them... he's an uppity gay and needs to be slapped down.

As my brother (and a few other very conservative people) have said to me, "I wish we were back in the 50's, when everyone knew their place."*

This is the attitude that Ms Landswehr embodies. And it needs to end.

*When I've pointed out all the problems with life in the 50's -- you know, racial discrimination, woman trapped in the home, homosexuals forced into unhappy marriages and a shadowy existence with police harassment -- I get blank stares and a "That's not what I meant", though it clearly was what they meant.


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