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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] mountain_hiker at WHAT

It might help: you never know.

I'm not sure why Tebow joining the Jets fascinates me so much. I'm not even a Jets fan,


Jan. 24th, 2011 09:14 pm
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The Steelers are in the Super Bowl! Yay!

I'm a Steelers fan. I was raised in Western Pa, and, during my childhood in the 70's, the Steelers won four Super Bowls. Then the 80's came, and while the Steelers were competitive, the offense was awful. Chuck Noll refused to use the shotgun, for example. Although, given our quaterbacking at the time, the shotgun wouldn't have helped.

Let's be honest, the Jets are a good team. Their coach annoys me, but they are a good team. Making the AFC Championship Game two years in a row is impressive. It would be nice to see the Jets (or even better, the Bills) unseat the Patriots in the AFC East.

Because in the AFC North, the Steelers are normally in the mix, but we have serious competition in the Ravens. The Bungles and the Brownies? Not so much.

I'm especially thankful for them knocking off the Patriots in Foxboro, because I wasn't thrilled about the Steelers prospects there.

The Packers are in the Super Bowl! Cool!

Another storied franchise. I wouldn't have minded the Bears in the Super Bowl either.

It should be a good game.


Oct. 25th, 2010 10:06 am
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What a bizarre week.

The Steelers won, mostly because the officials blew the whistle and stopped paying attention.

Also, Ben... you're doing well after a four week lay-off, but... could you hold on to the ball next week? Just asking.

My nephew and I joke that the Steelers could just wheel out a trained parrot for Coach Tomlin's press conferences, because he says the same things week after week, and it would just be quicker:

"BRAWWWK! A win is a win. BRAWWWK!"
"BRAAWK! There are no style points in football! BRAWWWK!"

Oakland scored 59 points on Denver. The Broncos need to hang their heads in shame, because.. I mean... the RAIDERS?!?!?!?!? I mean, that's even more WTF-y than the Browns beating the Saints by 13 points (and honestly, from the highlights, that game wasn't even that close.)

Buffalo beating the Ravens would have been so sweet. Alas, it was not to be.

This is one screwy football season. I actually like it.


Oct. 18th, 2010 09:54 am
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The Steelers won! The Brownies kept it close until the third quarter, so I guess they deserve some credit. Big Ben was rusty, but he got better as the game went on.

The Cowboys lost! Okay... I've now watched Tony Romo in action on several different occasions... I don't think he's this great quarterback. Is he good? Yes. Is he great? No.

The AFC West: What the heck is going on here? The Chiefs are swooning a little, but the other teams look AWFUL. Does Denver have a running game? Oakland has been a mess for years now, so that's not surprising, but what is going on in San Diego? Right now, I think that this is the worst division in the NFL.

The best division? As much as I'd like to say the AFC North, I know better. Yes the Ravens and the Steelers... but then we've got the Bungles and the Brownies. The AFC East is a better choice... three good teams and the Bills.


Oct. 4th, 2010 10:55 am
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Let's see...

The Steelers lost to the Ravens.

They could have won it. Two turnovers in Ravens territory and zero points from them.

On the other hand, if someone told me that, at the end of Big Ben's suspension, the Steelers would be 3-1, I probably would have laughed, so I'll take it.

How sad did the Bills look yesterday? Ye gads.


Sep. 27th, 2010 08:31 am
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The Steelers are 3-0!

Now, before we all start saying "Charlie Batch is amazing." Remember, he threw two interceptions.

Still, the offense FINALLY started working and the defense was stifling as usual.

The Chiefs are 3-0. Surprise!

Alas, the Cowboys won. Can't have everything, I guess.


Sep. 20th, 2010 12:08 pm
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The Steelers are 2-0! Without any discernible offense!

Well, that's not entirely true... the offense showed flashed of life in the Falcons game.

The Browns are 0-2!

I know they're supposed to be the Steelers greatest rivals, but the Brownies have been so bad for so long that part of me almost feels sorry for them.

The Cowboys are 0-2!

As a long time Steelers fan, I loathe the Cowboys. That we had to deal with the preseason "The Cowboys could be the first team to have the home field for the Super Bowl!" hype, watching them flop has been fun.

Granted, they could turn it around and win the next fourteen games, but I'm enjoying the crash and burn while it lasts.

Why, oh why does Tom Brady have that HIDEOUS haircut?

I get the feeling that Seattle may win the NFC West by default.
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So... Nebraska is probably going to the Big Ten and Colorado is leaving for the Pac-10.

In some ways, these moves aren't surprising. I'm surprised Missouri hasn't jumped ship either, but that;'s probably just a matter of time.

Nebraska will give the Big Ten another major football power, along with Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and sometimes Wisconsin. All of this will help generate more revenue for both Nebraska and the Big Ten. Which would benefit my grad school alma mater, Illinois, I suppose.

Illinois is even occasionally competitive in football. The tailgating there is prime, though.

The tailgating normally has themes. One theme is the pork barbecue theme. Mmmmmmm. I've been known to go to the tailgating and not the game.

There is also Dad's Day. (Dad's Day revolves around football and tailgating. Mom's Day has a flower show. Moms get rooked.)


I don't know if the Big 12 will collapse. They could very easily add a few teams: TCU? Boise State? BYU? and keep on going. It must suck for teams like Iowa State and Kansas State, which really don't have anyplace else to go. They don't have major TV markets (like, say, Colorado) and they don;t have a huge history of athletic success (like, say, Nebraska). I mean, the Mountain West or WAC could pick them up, I guess.

But that's a serious downgrade.

My undergrad alma mater, Pitt, was in the same position several years back when the ACC poached BC, VT, and Miami. That the ACC is still consistently underperforming makes me feel all warm inside. The ACC must also be fuming that despite having Duke and North Carolina, the Big East is the premier college basketball conference.

In fact, if the Big Ten goes to sixteen, Pitt may end up there. I ... rather doubt it, personally. The Big Ten already has a presence in the Pittsburgh market (Penn State). Rutgers or Syracuse make better choices. Plus, let's be honest, the Big Ten still really, really, really wants Notre Dame.

Should be interesting to see how it all pans out.
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Not much happened this weekend, which suits me fine.

Until Sunday night, when the Steelers played.

First off, they had those God awful throwback uniforms on. Well, the uniforms themselves aren't too bad... I hate the urine-yellow helmets.

Secondly, after doing a wonderful job against the Chargers in the first half, the Steelers defense and Special Teams apparently decided that that was enough, and that they didn't need to do things like cover the ball on kick-offs and punts or tackle their opponents.

Fortunately, the offense never gave up.

Seriously, I do not know what Tomlin needs to do to the defense, but the whole "It's halftime, we're done!" attitude needs to stop.
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1) The Steelers won again, in another heart-stopping way.

Really, Coach Tomlin doesn't even need to attend the press conferences anymore. He could just put up a recording of "A win is a win, there are no style points."

2) Does anyone want to win the AFC West?

I mean, it looks like Denver will, despite its best efforts to give the division to San Diego. Seriously, at this point, I'd expect one of the AFC East teams or the Ravens to petition for an emergency move to the AFC West.

3) The San Diego/KC game

I'm a Steelers fan, so I suppose I shouldn't make fun of other stadiums' turf issues*, but Arrowhead Stadium's gridiron had this odd look. the middle third was a totally different shade of green than the outer two thirds. It was like a landing strip.

*Especially not after last year's Miami game, and that punt that just went *SPLORT* and stuck into the turf like it was a javelin.
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Terrell Owens is acting like an ass again, complaining that he isn't getting the ball enough and generally spreading poison in the Cowboys locker room just like he did in San Francisco and Philadelphia.

Does this mean that the Cowboys meltdown is on?

Would it be wrong of me to laugh?
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I honestly think the Steelers are trying to give all their fans strokes. It's really the only reason for yesterday's performace.

"We've driven all the way from our ten yard line to San Diego's 30 yard line. It's time to collect penalties the way a crazy woman collects cats!"

Meme under cut )
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I suppose I could've just added on to the first one, but this is a different subject.

I just saw on [livejournal.com profile] huehau that the Pittsburgh Steelers have a new mascot, Steely McBeam. I have to agree that the nickname is very, very porntastic. He's kind of... odd looking, like the love child of the Joker and Rosie the Riveter. Still, Viagra McPornName up there makes more sense to me than "the Phillie Phanatic" I don't know what the Hell that thing is. It looks like an anteater rolled in plush carpeting from the 70's.

Another me/nephew conversation snippet:

Nephew: Well, the important season has started.
Me: (thinking)... oh, Football season.
Nephew: Yup. They've already played two preseason games.
Me: It's weird, living in a city with competitive baseball teams. It throws my seasonal balance all off.
Nephew: Hey, the Jets have a running back this year.
Me: Really, who?
Nephew: I don't remember, I just know that he *HAS* to be better than what they had last season.
Me: Well, I'm just watching the Giants fans who are waiting for Eli Manning to suddenly transform into his brother.


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