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Even though I'm not in it anymore, LJ Idol's prompts right now are pretty good. So here is an entry for one of them.
Of course I've cross-dressed. )
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I have just handed in my application for my college's "How to Teach Online Courses" seminar. For this program, I had to write a page long essay for this.

It is the single lamest essay I have ever written.*

No, really.

And there is some serious competition here.

For instance, in undergrad, I was taking a Women in Latin American Literature Class. The professor had a conference the week before Thanksgiving, so she cancelled class one day that week; her TZ taught it the other day. In its place, we had to write a five page essay on a novel assigned for the class.

This novel was ... well, I'm not sure what it was about. I never bought or even read the book. I remember that it had a blue cover.

Fortunately, the TA gave us a few quotes from the book along wityh page numbers. I used them in my essay. The main point of my essay? "Being poor is rough."

Oh, as this was for a Spanish class, the paper was in Spanish.

The professor's reaction? "You gave two great presentations. I think we can ignore this."

SERIOUSLY. It was that awful.

*This should bother me more than it does, but these people have known me for seven years now. I don't even see WHY I needed to write a freaking essay.
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... during a time called the Eighties, when women wore shoulderpads more often than linebackers.

I was working two jobs then: at Kinko's and in one of the University of Pittsburgh's branch libraries.

The library I worked in specialized in Urban Planning and Internal Affairs, an, honestly, was mostly for grad students. Much of our clientele looked on myself and the rest of the staff as little more than servants.

One day, one of the photocopiers jammed. I was in the middle of something and didn't notice. Also, I had gone straight from working midnight shift at Kinko's to this job and was NOT in a pleasant mood. The person at the copier machine turned around snapped his fingers and whistled at me.

I lost it.

I started berating the man, asking things like "Do you think I'm a dog? Because that's how you call a dog, not a human being!" and it went downhill from there.

My boss sent me on break.

When I came back, she called me into her office. I knew I was in for at least a reprimand, and honestly, I had behaved badly, I deserved it. This is what she said:

You could be fired for that. It was unprofessional and absolutely out of line. But that man is a prick. He harasses the female staff and makes life miserable for everyone in the library, even other patrons. You scared him. Right now, we all love you. So... don't do it again, that was unacceptable. But he had it coming.

Honestly, though, most of the patrons there were very nice people. Just, you know, every crowd has a few jackasses in it.
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I don't think I ever posted this here. If I have, I apologize for the re-run.

Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] greyduck's tale of financial aid idiocy.

I've never taken the direct route to anything. When I was an undergrad, I was a chemistry major for three years, dropped out for three years, then went back as a French/Spanish double major.

My first semester back, I got my financial aid in order -- it was the first time I needed financial aid because Mom had saved money for college from the social security payments we got because of dad's death.

I filled out all the forms, received an award letter, and thought it was all going swimmingly when I received a second letter the week after school started stating that my financial aid award had been revoked because I wasn't a resident of the state of Pennsylvania.

I was livid and more than a little confused. I was 24, and had lived in Pennsylvania since the age of three. How could I not be a resident?

The next day, I went to the Financial Aid office (I would be there so often over the next few months that the secretaries would memorize my social security number). After waiting forever (my own fault for not making an appointment, I suppose), I was finally called in to my financial aid advisor's office. The following conversation took place:

Me: Why did my financial aid get revoked?
Him: We found irregularities in your residency.
Me: How? I've lived here since I was three. I graduated high school here. I went to college at this very institution for a few years here. I work here.
Him: Yes, but you were unemployed for seven months last year.
Me: So?
Him: (speaking slowly, as if I was stupid) You were unemployed for seven months last year.
Me: If all the unemployed people in Pennsylvania left the state, we wouldn't have an unemployment rate, would we?
Him: But you're special.
Me: How?
Him: You were unemployed and born in the state of Illinois.
Me: Again, I've lived here since I was three.
Him: So you say, But it's odd that you were unemployed and didn't think to return to Illinois.
Me: Not really, I have no one there My entire family lives in the Pittsburgh area.
Him: I have no proof of that.
Me: So basically, I'm being denied financial aid because you think that people who were born in Illinois return there when unemployed, like salmon swimming upstream to spawn?
Him: That's not how I would put it...
Me: You realize how stupid this is, right?
Him: I'm just telling you my reasons for denying you your financial aid award.
Me: Okay, fine. You caught me.
Him: A-ha!
Me: I live in Chicago now. I just commute to Pittsburgh to take advantage of the in-state tuition. I fly in and out daily. When I'm running late, I have the airplane buzz the Cathedral of Learning and I parachute out. I've had to do it three time this week. Perhaps you've seen me.
Him: Mr. Palmer, that's absurd!
Me: And that would be my point.

It took me over a month and several discussions with this ass-clown's supervisor to straighten this out. Yet, it never was fully fixed because I had to fight this fight several more times.


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